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Running head: OFFICE 2003 VERSUS WORDPERFECT OFFICE 12Office 2003 versus WordPerfect Office 12Don CarterGrand Canyon UniversityOffice 2003 versus WordPerfect Office 12Introduction: In today's world it near impossible to conduct business without using an office type software application. There are a number of different programs available. The one which is by far the most widely used is Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office has a ninety percent share of this market. (Berline, 2004) With a market share as large as this it might seem too daunting of a task for another company to enter the market and competively compete. WordPerfect is a software program that has been around for some time now and with its introduction of Office 12 it has brought a competitive product to the market. Introduced in 2004, Office 12 was created to be a direct competitor to Microsoft Office 2003. On the surface these products appear to be quite similar and are priced about the same. This paper will compare both products and discuss the differences.The overall office packages and general capabilities are much the same for each program in that each has a document writer, Microsoft Office (MS Office) has Word and WordPerfec12 Office (WP 12 Office) has WordPerfect. Each has a comparable spreadsheet as well MS Office has Excel and WP 12 Office has Quattro. There are other similar programs as well; I will be focusing on these two.When it comes to the document writing programs the major fundamental difference is in the way they are formatted. Word is object oriented and WordPerfect is stream formatted. When a change is made while working on a WordPerfect document, the changes take effect from that point forward. You generally don't need to select an Object (e.g., a word, sentence, or a paragraph) in order to effect a change. You can simply select a color, a font, a paragraph style, etc, and the whole document will be affected (as stated, from that point forward). Stream Formatted is, as you can imagine, like a stream of formatting that flows...

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