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Officers With High School Diplomas Vs. Officers With College Degrees.

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High school and college are tremendously vital for preparing people for the real world. High school prepares students for college or the workforce. College expands ones general knowledge and skills, such as the ability to express ones opinion orally and written. Post secondary education also increases the understanding of the community and society. CollegeBoard says that more and more employers want employees who have education beyond high school. College graduates have more jobs to choose from than people with high school diplomas. The United States Census Bureau reports that workers with a college degree earn double the salary of what a person with a high school diploma makes. Education is becoming more critical than ever, and people who want a career should expect to get a college degree. Both high school and college play a crucial role in effective police work; as a result, police officers with an academic background get fewer complaints and less disciplinary action.
Higher education can increase chances of employment. People applying to police departments can require a high school diploma as a minimum, but they prefer a degree. Having a degree gives an applicant a better chance of getting hired than an applicant with a high school diploma ("Detailed Description for Job #11-9550."). "Studies, Case Law, Quotes, Standards and Trends in Support of a College Education for Police Officers" says that more and more police departments are requiring applicants to have a college degree. Departments are requiring applicants to have degrees for many reasons. Police departments require degrees because officers who have them have better behavior characteristics and performance ("Studies, Case Law, Quotes, Standards and Trends in Support of a College Education for Police Officers."). They also have fewer on- the- job injuries and assaults due to their approach to deescalate situations. The Police Chief magazine also says that officers who have college degrees use less sick time than officers with only high school diplomas.
Police officers with advanced degrees have more promotion opportunities for instance; an officer that wants a position higher than sergeant must have a bachelor’s degree to be a lieutenant or captain. In bigger departments, consideration for promotion to captain or lieutenant is given to officers with masters degrees; consequently, officers without a master’s degree have to stay in lower ranks ("Studies, Case Law, Quotes, Standards and Trends in Support of a College Education for Police Officers."). Lakewood, Colorado was one of the first police departments to require a bachelor’s degree and; as a result, more than 60 Lakewood police officers have become police chiefs ("Studies, Case Law, Quotes, Standards and Trends in Support of a College Education for Police Officers."). The Police Chief magazine says the professions of nursing and health, teaching and education, social work and psychology have a basic entry-level...

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