Offshore Island Play (Futility Of War)

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Offshore Island Essay In the play "The Offshore Island" we are taught about the futility of war. War can destroy peoples' values but it does not always destroy their hope. In the play we are following Rachel, the mother, James, the son, and Mary, the daughter. They have been caught in the middle of a war and live to survive. They lived below a cliff and when a nuclear bomb was dropped they were spare when the radiation jumped over their property. They went through a lot and in this play of three acts they go through a lot more. The troubles that they have to go through they face individually and as a family.The play opens with James cutting something. This fact displeases Mary because they have but four knives left. This shows that the struggle has been tough. Mary quotes phrases from books and magazines that she has read because it is the only thing she has to remember past life with. The war has left them with nothing more than the bare minimums needed to survive and it rid them of all travellers. They only get to see one person other than themselves, every six months or so. The war has left Rachel unable to have children because of the radiation. Martin and her attempts for a child have all failed. At the end of the act soldiers arrive. From this they get some hope but as well they are afraid.The second act gives us a whole new look on the war. The U.S. Army shows up and says they are there to help them. The army treats them differently though. Captain Charles tries to have sex with Rachel and is angry when she says no. He automatically assumes that there is someone else. He thinks that she...

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963 words - 4 pages It could be said that all of war poet Wilfred Owen 's work has a discernible purpose; this being the destructive capacity of war, and its ultimate futility. What remained constant throughout Owen 's career as a war poet was his ability to communicate his purpose successfully to the reader, through his style and technique. Some of his poems like Dulce et decorum est demonstrate Owen 's initial purpose in protesting against the war by means of

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