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Oh No Essay

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I think I am going to cry. I want to be famous. I mean its not just a wish, a desire, or a yearning … it's a craving. A craving just like the craving you get when you absolutely want that luxurious, devouring taste of dark chocolate subliming in your mouth. It's definitely the only inclination on my list for the future. I have all these surreal dreams , fantasies .. that I know have to come true. If they don't, I have no idea what I would do. My aspiration to become an actress is more like every humans need for water. Are you getting me? Without ever reaching this goal, I will never be whole, I don't know what I am right now. I hate sitting around here, stressing over when is my dream going to hit me in the head and become a definite possibility for reality.The thought of not having my greatest longing, hunger, and lust not come in a form of veracity would just leave me hopelessly heart broken. Am I going crazy? This couldn't possibly be normal, I am right here on planet Earth, yes. But my mind is stuck in a whole other realm. Endless days, where people are thinking I'm paying attention to them, but I am not. I'm trapped in a world, a world that only exists in most of peoples dreams, not real life. Yet, this world requires me to be a part of it.I wish I could be reborn, so I could develop a talent. I feel talent less. I'm me, I hold no gift nor a knack...

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