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If you have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars trying out facial products only to still have problem skin, you may kick yourself after reading this. The truth is, most facial cleansers are extremely over-priced, they don’t work, or they contain agents that are not beneficial to the skin. Skin is the body’s largest organ. Skin provides a barrier to protect muscle, tissue, and internal organs. However, most people view skin as the body’s most important feature. Healthy skin is reminiscent of skin that is clean, clear, and glowing. This is why people go through extremes to maintain beautiful, healthy skin. Nonetheless, although it is the total opposite of common knowledge, oils are the key to the clear and beautiful skin.
Oil has often been correlated to acne. However, contrary to common misconception, oil does not cause acne. Bacteria and dirt is the root of most acne. This is especially true for cystic acne. Cystic acne is the most painful and difficult acne to remedy. Large puss filled cysts are the most telling signs of cystic acne. Moreover, the puss filled cysts are a sign of an underlying infection in the skin. Oil cleansing is beneficial for cystic acne in the sense that it draws out impurities, bacteria and toxins resulting in cyst reduction.
The scientific principle in the oil cleansing method is simple: Oil dissolves oil. Oil is a non-polar substance; therefore using another non-polar substance that has similar components cancels out pre-existing oil. The pre-existing oil on the skin is removed and replaced with healthy oils. It may seem a bit strange, but oil cleansing is not only natural but the oils used are beneficial for the skin. Unlike store bought cleansers that fail to add moisture, oil cleansing maintains a healthy balance of moisture and nutrients without overloading the skin. Water based store bought cleansers that contain no oil strip the skin, leaving a dry and tight feeling. In short, those with either oily or dry skin should not fear oil cleansing as the proper mixture ensures beneficial results.
Although oil cleansing is a pliable general skin cleansing mechanism and acne remedy, slathering on any oil to the skin is counterproductive. There are specific oils to use to ensure that the skin cleansing method is more helpful than harmful.
All skin is not created equal. Just like other parts of the body, skin varies from person to person. One person may have oily skin while another may have dry or combination skin. Regardless of your skin type or texture, different oils affect the skin in different ways hence the need to use the appropriate oil for a specific type of skin.
Just like skin, oil cleansing is not a once size fits all concept. The same oil will not produce the same results for every skin type. Using the oil best suited for your skin type is essential. The most frequent used oils in oil cleansing include castor oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, tea tree oil, emu oil...

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