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Oil Industry Essay

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The main problems encountered by Mobil Oil were reduce costs and to improve the management layers. Issues that related to customer service included a lack of understanding of customer needs, poor business process and dysfunctional teamwork. Issues relating to employees were the personal development and reward/recognition systems. And to due with this, was created a project with the objective to redesign and simplify business activities and workflow.
The major issues that emerged from the re-engineering project at the time were:
- Lack of profit and customer focus throughout the organisation.
- Poor communication to employees of the profit position.
- Many functional barriers to an ...view middle of the document...

Operational hazards including blow-outs, spills and personal injury
5. Natural disasters and extreme weather conditions
6. Inaccurate reserve estimates
7. Inadequate liquidity or access to capital, indebtedness
8. Environmental or health restrictions and regulations
9. General national or global economic concerns
10. General industry competition.

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Development of new technologies: To encourage investment in research and development of "green " technologies, governments can help by eliminating subsidies for the oil and gas industry and imposing higher taxes on heavy polluters. While governments will play a role in the development of clean energy, it is likely that the private sector will provide the majority of funding for innovation and new energy projects. The oil industry can seek alternative methods of oil exploration, through development of new technologies that rely less on processes that are environmentally harmful. For example, compressed natural gas is a cleaner burning than gasoline fuel, is already used in some cars, and is available in large quantities. Even more...

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