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Oil Spill Recovery Essay

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Oil Spill Recovery

Can you imagine a world where clean water does not exist anymore? Can you imagine going to your kitchen and seeing black water instead of clear coming out of the faucet? Would you still go to the park if the rivers, lakes, and oceans would turn the color of oil and pollution? Would you still take your kids to see the fish and other living species if they were no longer living and floating belly up? How much would you pay to get the clean rivers, lakes, and oceans back? How much would it cost to get the living organisms living again in the rivers, lakes, and oceans? Maybe it is hard to imagine this world today because it is not as bad, water is not black, and living organisms don’t float bellies up when you walk by, but if we don’t think of the long run consequences of our polluting way of life today this horrible world won’t be so hard to imagine. Water covers about 70% of the Earth’s surface. It is the most valuable natural resource we have. For the most part all living organism require water to live, without water we would not exist. Water pollution is a very huge problem. By polluting our rivers, lakes, and oceans we are harming our planet. Organisms are dying at a very disturbing rate. Our drinking water has become greatly affected as well. There are a variety of causes of pollution they include sewage, fertilizers, wash off deposits, pathogens, petroleum, radioactive substances, heat, and other. The enormous accidental petroleum spills are an important cause of pollution especially along shore lines. Off-shore drilling operations contribute to the pollution pool. Certain statistical estimates state that for every million tons of oil transported one ton gets spilled. This paper will concentrate on oil spills and the technology that is used to clean them up.

Oil is a very critical energy source these days, however it is getting spilled all the time. Oil spills are harming our drinking water supply and marine biodiversity. Often a spill can kill or injure from few up to hundreds even thousands of birds and mammals. In order to solve our pollution problem we must first understand it. Oil sticks to everything and that is a crucial problem when it comes to soil. When oil is dumped on land it can eventually get into the water supply by means of underground streams, ground water, etc. Most of the time oil spills are accidental. The oil spills I want to mention are the spills that get into rivers, bays, and oceans. Habitually oil gets spilled while it is transported to United States of America. A quantity of the causes of the oil spills are human beings’ mistakes, equipment problems, natural disasters, and intentional spills. Intentional spills are frequently spilled by vandals, illegal dumpers, terrorists, and countries at war. Oil is lighter than water and because of this exact reason it usually floats on water, both marine and freshwater. Oil more often than not spreads out quickly across the water surface and forms a...

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