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Oil Spills at SeaIntroductionAs known, world is spinning around the oil and according to statistics; world is consumed more than 3.5 billion gallons of oil each day (source: U.S. Dept. of Energy).Sixty percent of that was reached to its destination by sea. It is undeniable that when mentioned about the issues of sea pollution, first impression that came into mind is oil spills at sea. According to the survey, oceans are polluted by oil on the daily basis mainly from oil spills from offshore drilling, routine shipping, run-offs and dumping activities. Among them, oil spills make up about 12% of the oil that enters the ocean. Oil spills may be released due of release of oil from tankers, offshore platform, drilling rigs and tanker ship accidents; this may cause severe problem since it can be affected the local marine wildlife such as fish, birds and sea otters. One of the largest oil spill happened in Alaska and it caused about 11 million gallons of crude oil spilled in March 1989.Due to that, the effort to clean up and recovery from oil spill are much crucial to prevent damages to natural ecosystems. However, the clean up and recovery from oil spill is difficult process and it cost up huge amount of money and the work is time consuming, taken up weeks, months and even years to clean for most severe conditions.Therefore, in order to curb the existing problems, several methods to clean up the spills and control and prevention methods of oil spills at sea are discuss in detail.Methods of CleaningWhen an oil spill occurs, oil will forms a millimeter-thick layer or slick that floats on the water due to its properties. The oil will eventually spreads out as thinning as it would until become a widespread sheen on water surface. Therefore, with the effort to clean up the spill; there are some factors required to be considered in decide what method should be used to clean a spill. The factors such as the temperature of the water which affected evaporation and biodegradation; type of oil spilled, winds speed and waves speed as well.Burning In-situOne of the most simple and cost effective method is by the means of burning the oil on the site where the spillage has occurred. However, this method has drawback and it is not recommended since by this means the toxic smoke and particles will be produced which can cause damage to the oceanic air and marine life. By this way, burning usually to be done promptly before the oil spill can spread to large area and probably would not be used in a spill near coastal area.Figure: Burning In-situBy using DispensersDispensers are a method which involves the use of fertilizers to disperse the oil spillage in the sea. This is because fertilizers help to hasten the growth of micro-organisms which help to diffuse the components of the oil split in the sea surface. Because of this, it will cause oil slick to break up and form water-soluble micelles that are rapidly diluted. Therefore, this method is one of the highly recommended...

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