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Oil SpillsAndrew HoerrProfessor Theodore ChamberlainOceanography NRCC 15011-20-08There are many things that threaten the world's oceans; too much fishing, global warming, but perhaps the most severe and publicized threat is oil spills. Oil spills happen all over the world from a number of sources. Used motor oil, land drainage, and regular maintenance of ships produce more waste than the major oil spills we often hear of. Before 1967, the world didn't pay much attention to oil waste until there was a major spill of the coast of England. There is still oil waste today from all kinds of different sources, but the world is recognizing it and there has been action taken in the recent decades to combat it.As was mentioned before, there was not much attention given to oil pollution in the ocean until 1967. In 1967, the supertanker TORREY CANYON ran aground on Pollard Rock off the coast of England. In this incident a level was left in the wrong position causing the helmsman to lose control of the ship. The captain tried to stop the ship but it was too late, and the supertanker ran into Pollard Rock at a high speed and spilled over 500,000 barrels of oil into the water. This spill polluted the coast of England, Spain, and France making headlines worldwide. Another large oil spill and considered one of the two worst happened in 1979 and did not involve and oil tanker. The IXTOC 1 oil well, located in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, accidentally sunk its drill into an underwater oil reservoir releasing over 140 million gallons of oil into the gulf. In 1991, during the Persian Gulf war, the Iraqi army dumped hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil into the Persian Gulf off of a loading dock. They also dumped the contents of other supertankers into the gulf. This spill is comparable to the IXTOC 1 disaster and these to disasters dwarf all other oil spills in history(Largest Spills in History, 2008).There is about 706 million gallons of oil waste that ends up in the ocean each year and incidents like the few that were just mentioned only account for about 8% of the total that is put in the ocean each year. Most of the oil spilled into the ocean comes from land drainage and waste disposal, and the remainder comes from the routine...

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1244 words - 5 pages The United States Environmental Protection Agency reports that “almost 14,000 thousand oil spills are reported each year” (“Response”). Hence, it is clear that as the world continues to use this powerful, non-renewable resource more and more, accidents are very possible at any time. Moreover, oil spills damage the planet and society in numerous ways. As a result of marine oil spills, the organisms, the environments, and the economy suffer

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534 words - 2 pages global warming (Source Watch, 2010). By funding climate change skepticism groups Exxon Mobile is hurting their reputation even more. Being a supporter of those types of groups is sending a message to people that Exxon does not care about the environment when they most defiantly should.Offshore drilling, oil extraction and oil spills are all activities that Exxon Mobile engages in that are harmful to the environment. Offshore oil drilling is worse

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1217 words - 5 pages the one that brings up the concern on oil spills. Oil spills is and always have been the biggest issue for oil companies. They usually end up spending millions of dollars to contain and patch up. They can sometimes take as long as years to fix. Oil drilling technology is not environmentally responsible and never will be. Drilling poses serious environmental risks on natural habitants like our oceans and beaches. Marne life, tourist and even

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967 words - 4 pages environmental dangers, like major oil spills, which is cause massive harm to the sea creatures as well as human beings. I disagree with this statement as well because the chances of a major oil spill to occur is extremely low, because if we were to begin offshore drilling in the United States, we would be using pipelines to transport the oil, which have fewer spills compared to the traditional oil tankers. Most of the major oil spills occur when an oil

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