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Oils Essay

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There are so many different oils of life, but at some point in our daily activities, we all draw upon a reserve of one or more of earths' natural resources; One of the most crucial of these being crude oil. We use them everyday, but the main one I would like to discuss is the one we use most, which is crude oil. Just imagine going a week without it. We would all just fall over in confusion and not know what to do, but having oil in our lives we now succeed at almost everything.

What is Crude Oil?
Crude oil, usually known as petroleum, is a liquid found within the Earth comprised of hydrocarbons, organic compounds and small amounts of metal. While hydrocarbons are usually the chief part of crude oil, their work can vary from 50%-97% depending on the type of crude oil and how it is extracted. Organic compounds like nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur typically make-up between 6%-10% of crude oil. Crude oil is a very key natural resource. It is defined as being a fossil fuel. Crude oil is created-

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through the heating and compression of organic materials over a long period of time. Most of the oil we extract today comes from the remains of prehistoric algae and zooplankton whose remains settled on the bottom of an Ocean or Lake. Over time this organic material combined with mud and was then heated to high temperatures from the pressure created by heavy layers of residue. This process, known as digenesis, changes the chemical composition first into waxy compound called kerosene and then, with increased heat, into a liquid through a process called cat agenesis.

Who, When, and Where Oil was Found
Man first discovered oil that had bubbled up to the surface. The oil would collect in low places in the earth’s crust or float on top of the water in lakes or streams.
Before the 1900s, people interested in finding oil, could do little more than look for oil. A lot of luck was involved in locating it. As the interest in finding oil increased, so did the scientific methods for locating it. The oil formed from tiny sea creatures and dead plants falling to the bottom of the ocean floor millions of years ago. Then year after year, sand and rocks covered the layers until pressure built up. The high temperature of the rotting material, along with the heaviness from the layers of rock and sand that covered it caused a chemical reaction, which created Crude oil.

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Uses of Oil Back Then
It is fascinating that people for nearly 5,000 years have found many uses for the different forms of oil that they found. “The ancient Egyptians used petroleum to prepare their mummies for burial. The Knights during medieval times used oil to put a shine on their metal swords and shields. Asphalt, which is a hardened form of oil, was used to seal seams and cracks in early ships. Native Americans used oil in medicines and as an ointment for their skin. Wagon wheels turned more easily after a thin coating of oil had been applied to the axle. At the beginning of the twentieth...

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