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Oj Simpson's Trial Of The Century

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Criminal Trial
The background of the relationship between OJ Simpson, and Nicole is, at first they were just friends who first met while Nicole was a waitress. When they first met she was also 17 years of age. OJ Simpson at the time had met Nicole while he was still married to a woman named Marguerite. Marguerite and OJ Simpson divorced after their child Aaren drowned in the family's swimming pool a month before her second birthday. Nicole and OJ Simpson got married in 1985 after a couple years of secretly dating. During their Marriage Nicole endured domestic violence from her husband, so she said. OJ Simpson denies ever physically beating her. In 1989 Nicole had pressed charges against OJ Simpson for domestic abuse. They separated and later filed for divorce in 1992.
The Investigation:
On June 12th, 1994 roughly around 10:00pm that Sunday night a male came through the back entrance of Nicole’s condominium. When the altercation broke out it is assumed that the murder slashed Nicole’s neck and then proceeded to stab her in the neck and head an estimated 30 times. The bodies of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman were found outside stabbed to death outside of her condominium in Los Angeles' Brentwood area.
Alan Park was a limousine chauffeur for the Simpson household. Alan Park was ordered to accompany OJ Simpson starting at his house but was late the day that Nicole Brown was murdered (late by roughly 30 minutes). Park had observed a man corresponding the description of OJ Simpson walking to the Simpson residence (black person, six-feet, and 200 pounds). Alan Park had called OJ but he didn’t answer. A few minutes later he saw OJ, and described him as a “Sweaty Mess”. OJ claimed he over slept and just showered.
The Prosecution evidence they had used to put forward a criminal case against Mr. Simpson was that Park observed Simpson walk near the spot where police found the bloody glove. Furthermore, they were saying that Simpson had asked Brown several times to get back with him and at the time the murder when he saw Goldman and Brown together he probably misunderstood the situation and killed the both of them. The reason they chose this as their motive is because Simpson was known for his random rages, and domestic violence so this backed up their motive.
The police witness was deemed not credible because over time throughout the Trial, stories changed, and his credibility was also called in to questioning. Facts were being added and removed leaving the investigation a complete mess. The police department and prosecuting attorney most effective eyewitness remained Alan Park the limo chauffeur. Alan also pointed out that he saw a big dark figure in the house waiting for OJ, as he rang the doorbell while he was waiting for OJ to come out. OJ then came out and told Park that he had over slept.
At roughly 1800 hours OJ was seen behind the wheel of his white Bronco. An anonymous person had phoned the police department to report OJ’s...

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