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People around the world often get together under the most negative circumstances. Once a disaster strikes many will gather in order to help the best that they could. The Oklahoma City bombing is only one of these events which occurred almost 19 years ago. At exactly 9:02 am a bomb was detonated on April 19, 1995. This mass murder was considered the largest terrorist attack before the September 11 attacks in 2001. The bomb was located in a rental truck in front of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The nation shook as each floor of the building collapsed. The main suspect was a former army soldier, Timothy McVeigh was all to blame with a few accomplices by his ...view middle of the document...

The area was full of smoke as a thick black cloud encircled the site. Since the bomb exploded on the main floor, the building’s support columns received the first shocks rendering the building unstable. As each floor of the building had its effect, the death and injury toll increased. The building was not only composed of offices owned by the Federal Bureau of Investigation but also had a daycare for young children. In total over 168 people were killed this included many children as well as bystanders of the event. There was also over 600 victims who suffered from injuries related to the bombing. Not only did the explosion affect the people in the building but also the surrounding buildings and also pedestrians on the streets. Many of the victims suffered from shattered glass injuries on their bodies and faces as well as dismemberment of limbs due to the blast. In total ten buildings suffered damage following the blast this included the local gym, the YMCA and other small businesses.
Once the explosion went off, Oklahoma City was in sheer panic and chaos. The first personnel at the scene were local firefighters and police officers who started looking for survivors under the debris. Not only were emergency workers at the scene but there was also people who voluntarily helped as much as they possibly could. Some of the civilians and other personnel mentioned that the hardest part of their search efforts was finding limbs with no body in sight. Help arrived from a more national perspective including the FBI and members of the air force base who came in progressively. The aid continued as a possible second bomb threat reached the scene where people rushed off once again. Many believe that this panic allowed all the aid to assemble in one area and decide what they were going to do next. Once the scare was over and people returned to the scene, therapy dogs were present in order to prevent extensive psychological trauma for both the rescue workers and minor victims.
Moreover, while help was underway at the scene, the arrest of McVeigh occurred which was not far from the Alfred P. Murrah federal building. However it was not for the crime that he had just committed but for not having his license plate, a registration and for holding a weapon “for [his] own protection”. Although the criminal justice system had the soon to be known perpetrator in their custody, there was an immediate blaming towards over sea terrorists for the attack. Middle Eastern men were targeted throughout the investigation. During this time, three Middle Eastern men were arrested in connection to the bombing when asking for directions from a state trooper. Once some evidence was released, a sketch of McVeigh was shown to the public. Many were surprise and shocked that the work was not of a Middle Eastern terrorist group. In addition, President Clinton immediately ordered that the American flag must be placed and opened on all federal buildings in order to honour the deceased and...


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