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What would the world be like if this happened everyday? There had not been very much terrorist activity in the United states. In fact nothing major at this point had happened on U.S. soil. This would all change due to two males that were United States soldiers having a plan and going with it. His plan? Was, well to get revenge on the United States!

Before it had all happened McVeigh, (mastermind of this) grew up in western New York. He became very interested in guns and began learning multiple survival skills. He thought it would be necessary in case they had to showdown with the soviet union during cold war. In 1988 about 20 years old he enlisted in the military, where he acted as if he ...view middle of the document...

Mcveigh and his friend Nichols stole other supplies that they needed from a little store in Marion, Kansas. Now he decided that he should get a truck! On April 17th, 1995 Mcveigh rented a Ryder truck and then they loaded the truck with about 5,000 pounds of fertilizer.

Mcveigh picked his date, April 19th, 1995, the two year anniversary to the disastrous end to the Waco standoff, and Patriots day. The plan was to park the truck and let it explode. Around 9:02 on April 19th, 1995, most of the workers have already arrived, and most of the kids have already been dropped off at the daycare. Mcveigh drove up and parked the truck in front of the building, he got out making sure the truck was still running. Immediately he walked over to the other side of the street and the started jogging. As he got around the corner the bomb had went off, nearly the entire north face of the building was burned into dust and rubble. It took people many weeks of sorting through debri to find the victims. In total 168 people were killed, including 19 children. One nurse was also killed when trying to save others. In May 1995, the Murrah Building was demolished for safety reasons, and a national memorial and museum later opened at this current location.

90 minutes after the explosion, Mcveigh was pulled over by a highway patrol officer for driving without a license plate. When the officer pulled him over he realized that he (McVeigh) had an unregistered gun, so of course he arrested him and took him to the station. Before he was released, the police had found out about his ties to the explosion. It was no fun for McVeigh for almost all of his purchases and rental agreements that were related to the bombing could be traced back to him. On June 3, 1997, McVeigh was convicted of murder and conspiricy and on August 15th, 1997 he was sentenced to death by lethal injection. Eventually on June 11th, 2001, McVeigh was executed. On the other hand, Nichols...

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Oklahoma City Bombing Essay

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Oklahoma City Bombing Essay

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