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Oklahoma and New York have several different attributes that make both of them beautiful states in their own right, but they are very differing attributes. Oklahoma being located in the central United States has a completely different climate from that of New York, located in the northeast. Inhabitants from both states come from several different ethnic backgrounds, speaking several different languages. The standard of living in New York can be a lot higher than that of Oklahoma, especially if looking in the New York City area where an apartment can be one and half million dollars.
Oklahoma is classified as a Midwest state, and has a climate resembling that of south and north, depending ...view middle of the document...

New York being located in the far north east of the United States has a climate that fits the northern mold. Temperatures across the state often average below freezing during the winter months, with some regions of the state seeing subzero temperatures for days at a times. These temperatures result in large snow storms dumping eight to sixteen inches of snow at a time. Even with such large snowfall, most schools in major cities don’t shut down for the day. Instead classes are delayed til the middle of the morning, allowing for snow plows to get out and clear the roads. The only schools that normally close during snow storms are those located in the most rural locations of the state. Rainfall throughout the year averages about four inches a month, just falling in different forms. Summer months usually produce warm temperatures in the seventies, warming water temperatures up enough to go to coastal beaches. New York is often hit by the remains of hurricanes that have traveled up the east coast. These dump several inches of water on the state at a time. New York doesn’t have the standard tornado thought of by Oklahomans, but with the right mixture over the Great Lakes region, the weather often produces water spouts. These spouts are usually harmless forms of tornadoes, with wind speeds reaching sixty miles an hour, and often die out quickly. While the far northern parts of the state can be different, the state of New York as a whole has a fairly consistent climate from year to year.
Oklahoma gets its name from the Choctaw language, the two words that make Oklahoma, “okla” and “humma”, mean red people. The first people to settle what is now Oklahoma were Indians, some being here for centuries others later coming during the relocation from Georgia and Florida. The native heritage is seen throughout Oklahoma to this day, with several cities and towns named from the various Indian languages of the tribes in the state. The state has sixty seven tribes mainly centered around Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The annual Red Earth Festival takes place OKC and is a celebration of native artwork and traditions. While most people who have lived their entire life in Oklahoma often have some amount of Indian blood in them, not all people are Native Americans. With the Oklahoma land run of 1889, many white settlers from the east were looking for a new start at life by owning a lot of property in the new territory. This is where the state gets its nickname as the Sooner State, from settlers jumping the border early looking to get prized property. Now Oklahoma is nearly seventy-five percent white Americans, with only a ten percent population of Indians.
New York’s population is mainly located in urban cities such as Brooklyn or New York City. New York was a major location for immigrants during the 1930s, especially for Irish immigrants. These immigrants were looking to escape...

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