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Old Drivers Essay

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Many accidents ever year claim the lives of many with the fault due to an elderly driver. Many health reasons, decreased lack of judgment, and the memory loss of older drivers can be prevented if noticed early through evaluations. Age can be a gradual result of decline with strength, coordination, reaction time, ability to concentrate, and hearing. “Drivers aged 70 and over are among those at greatest risk of traffic violations and motor vehicle crashes per miles driven.” (The Older Driver 3) Due to vision impairment, mobility loss and judgment fading there should be mandatory annual license evaluations from age seventy to eighty and a cessation of the license at the age of eighty for the ...view middle of the document...

Maychick pressed the gas pedal firmly down with the intentions that it was the brakes. Health declines are the biggest reason why drivers over the age of seventy should be annually tested for physical capabilities.
Older drivers also have a loss in strength and mobility in neck and arms. This also can cause the driver to have a decline in judgment. Without being able to turn their neck they assume that there is no car coming and will pull right into traffic. In addition they do have problems taking left turns and have a harder time at four way intersections. An elderly driver will also have infractions with failing to yield right of way, this can be resulted from lack of speed judgment, the inability of turning their neck to look for oncoming traffic, or even just forgetting to look at the traffic coming.
The annual evaluation of elderly drivers should begin at the age of seventy and continue till eighty. This evaluation should consist of a physical movement test, a vision exam, a written exam and also a road course driving evaluation. The drivers need to be tested physically to see if their strength is enough to operate heavy machinery such as an automobile. Without proper strength accidents can arise and can be fatal as well. The vision exam should be at least annually, if not every six months, this is one of the most important parts of driving. In order to operate a vehicle successfully the driver need to be able to see all oncoming traffic, be able to see where to turn, how much room the driver have between their car and other surroundings. The written portion of the exam could be related to traffic laws and new updates in the laws as well. From time to time laws based on road traffic behaviors can change and it is extremely important for all drivers to be aware of the changes. When on the driving road course the instructor cannot be forgiving with the driving, a lenient...

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