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Success And The Wrong Path: What We Call Failure

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Final-Draft: This I Believe In: "Sucess" And The Wrong Path (What We Call, "Failure")
Written by *John Michael Claudio Lucas* P.6 English II 09/22/11
Hi dudes and dudetts out there on the road of life... my name is John Michael Claudio Lucas, you can call me J.C., and I believe every High-School student that attends at a High-School is human intellgently capable of choosing to materialize hard-work and dedication to obtain endless "sucess..." or temporarly creating the wrong-path... what we call "failure..." which is a huge... terrible... regretable mistake! I think anyone who's anybody shall regret... if they choose the wrong-path, you'll close-doors doing so. Uncaringly strolling-down la la la land, dropping your grades like a hot-patato, refusing to get a job to work, being lazy, having excuses, overly supplying your social-life, disrespecting and underly supplying your family-life, or doing harm to your body where you can't redeem sucess that swiftly off the floor... can lead to the dead-end, "failure," and not to the direction of God's prespective of Earth. To recreate or create a sucession of the human intellegence, that we all are born with to use wisely and at most utterly, shall bring the key to "sucession," though trainning the unbelieveable processable human brain... by materializing hard-work and endless dedication. Indeed, some people may be limited, a numberous amount surrenders to a halt, which that's when life isn't fair, but I know people who adapt though growth to the problems they were gifted by God's glorious power, and climb though it all and break-away, as life progresses.

My life as John Michael Claudio Lucas, the name my biological parents gifted to me, as it's progessing while I'm almost turning to 16 in December 6, 2011... can be described as I'm still getting to know barly of who I am and write my pages in the book over patience. I appreciate the life I live and breathe the fresh-air while I can on this Earth for, and I believe in my belief, at my High-School standing in life currently progessing, that I'm pointing my narrow-direction to sucession of what I desire and belong to be in this universe. What I desire and what I get for what I put forth are completly diffrent worlds! You know what they say, you get back what you put in, just like a slot-machine. I desire to be a unstoppable Musician, Song-Writer, Virtuoso, Singer, DJ, Book Writter And Publisher, Dancer, Actor, Commedian, Bunisness-Owner Entrepreneur, Athletic Runner, and Ultimate World-Famous Gutairist J.C. Star altogether possibly more and changes thoughout my ...

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