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Old Farts Are Better Than They Sound

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In the ancient cultures of geriatrics, a portion of respect is deserved to men and women who are older and more experienced than the younger generations. They have lived life, and made more mistakes than the young could ever imagine. However, it is the faults that make a person unique, and we praise them for their mistakes in a way. At one point or another, a senior enters your life and caresses your soul in no way any other pleasure of the world can. This, of course, includes me as an individual as well. My grandmother, Linda Steinmetz, grasped my admiration and attention because of her kindness, good-heartedness, and was my inspiration for intelligence.
To begin, my grandmother had a way of looking at items and people, no matter the background, and treated them with respect; she rarely raised her voice and was kind to the last drop of her life. Up until cancer removed her from this world, Gramma was everywhere for me when I needed her. When everybody at school or at home criticized me, she was there to comfort me with gentle words and a good book to read by me. “They just don’t see your potential yet, buddy,” was something she’d always say to lift my spirits. After my grandmother moved down from Montana, she quickly became loved throughout the town of Worland. While working for RT Communications, friends always came, but never went. With cancer now in a raging battle against her, Linda joined a group entitled the Gorgeous Gals, which is a group of geriatrics who have cancer. Everyone quickly began to love her, and her circle of friends widened even more. However, friend or not, Gramma found it in her heart to be loving to everybody.
Secondly, being a Christian has helped my grandmother become a caring and nurturing person, loving everything openly and unashamedly. Her good heart helped her become loved by everyone, including me. One day, my mother went to work, and was pregnant...

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