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Old Home Essay

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Running Head: My Old HomeMy Old HomeRukiya McKeeOctober 25, 2014Fundamental EnglishMy Old HomeIn my childhood, I lived with my grandparents because my parents were working in another city. I love my grandparents' apartment. The apartment is on the second floor of an old brick building which have been built up for several decades. Compared to my friend's home, this apartment was shabby. But for me, it is one of the most precious treasures. I have not been there for a long time, so I decide to go there.That building is located about 100 meters near the road, with sweet olive trees in the yard. In the summer, every family rests under these trees, intoxicated by the fresh fragrance of the sweet olives. I saunter into ...view middle of the document...

My thrift grandmother is still sitting in her armchair sewing a button of the coat with glasses. She lifts her head and smiles, the deep wrinkles squeezed from the mouth to forehead in her face.On the left hand of the parlor is the study room. Four masterpieces of China, historical novels and some magazines lie in the bookcase with glass doors. Some cartoon stickers adorn the glass doors, reminding me that grandpa picked me up to let me stick these stickers. The desk is next to the bookcase, piled up with newspapers. There are some nicks on its surface. Above the desk, white curtains are rolled up, and through the window, you can take the panoramic views of the beautiful yard. In the rainy days, I used to lean on the window and listen to the pitter-patter of the rain. In the sunny days, I can see leaves sparkle in the sunshine and birds jump in the shade.I turning toward to the corridor, the smell of spicy food come from the kitchen. A mess of pots, dishes with grease lie in the sink, just like naughty boys lying in the bathtub planning to take a shower. I chuckle that grandma still hates washing dishes for so many years.On the right hand of the corridor is the bedroom, I lie down and roll on the double bed with blue linen sheet and then close my eyes. Old memories come to my mind. I used to hold my grandma's hand and felt her warm breath on my cheeks when I fell asleep in her arms. I used to hold her little finger in my fist when we walked around the block. I used to jump on her back, embraced her neck and bothered her for candy.Every time after I come to this old apartment, I bring back the memories of my childhood with my grandparents and I will cherish my family more.

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