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Old Major´S Speech In The Novel Animal Farm And Martin Luther King´S Speech

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Great speakers have always been able to move their audiences with their speeches. In Animal Farm, Old Major gave an empowering speech to the animals of Manor Farm. Martin Luther King Jr also gave a very convincing speech about his dream for equality. Old Major in Animal Farm and Martin Luther King Jr both gave successful speeches that used repetition, emotion and rhetorical questions.
Both Old Major and Martin Luther King Jr used repetition in their speeches. In a speech the repetition or restatement of an idea at intervals not only promotes clarity but encourages the acceptance of an idea. Old Major uses repetition to help the audience understand the message that he is trying to get across. Old Major repeats “Comrades” in his speech (Orwell 6-7). By doing this he is making the animals apart of the speech, as if they have a purpose, and for them to fight for what they feel is right. Not only does Old Major use repetition in his speech, so does Martin luther King Jr in the “I have a dream” speech. “Now” is repeated to unify the audience, Martin Luther King Jr is inferring that now is the time to make a change and that there would be no better time than now. Repetition is used in both of these speeches to help the audience better understand the message.
Emotion is also used within Old Major and Martin Luther King Jr’s speeches. In a speech, emotional appeal is very important, it is used to sway the emotions of an audience to make them support the speakers argument. Old Major uses emotion when he talks to the comrades about their lives. He says “Our lives are miserable, laborious, and short” (Orwell 6). By Old Major saying this, he makes the audience feel the same pain he is feeling, which can bring out all sort of emotions from the audience. In the “ I have a dream” speech, Martin Luther king Jr says to his audience, “Light of hope to millions of Negro slaves who had been seared...

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