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Old Messages Brought To Life Essay

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Old Messages Brought to Life

Today's world needs to be taught the old messages of life. We have so many different religions that preach the same things. All are of one or more supreme beings and their teachings. Across this world it is the same messages and yet we fight one another, because my god of love is better then your god of love. The basic human problems are even the same we all call these situations sin. Is it possible to change the world and it beliefs? One must start with their self and realize that the basic rules for life. Laws condition the manifest universe and life on earth. There are inviolable laws of life that govern all aspects of earthly life and determine the destiny of each individual. Understanding the first three or four help you to understand the rest.
They cannot be ignored without inviting negative consequences. It is therefore important that one understands these laws and observes them. The whole universe is permeated with divine presence. Therefore one should deal with every object in it as if one is dealing with oneself or with "God". Everyone's god is omnipresent and omniscient in each religious person's eyes. Everything in this universe is sacred because it is filled with the presence of this Supreme Being. Everything in this universe is therefore a divine entity and should be treated as such.     
Those who seek harmony and peace in life understand this principle very well and treat every thing in the world with due respect and a sense of sacredness. There is an inherent balance in all creation. If you want peace all around you have to maintain this balance both within and without. Everything in this world is balanced. For every force here there is an opposite and balancing force. Pairs of opposites hold the world. You destroy one and you will destroy the other soon. The universe exists on the principle of abundance. It is by giving that you receive. This is the law of abundance, which stipulates that we cannot enjoy the riches...

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