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Old School Squirrel Hunting Essay

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Squirrel hunting has long been an American tradition and a tradition that many hunters grew up with. Squirrel hunting has just the right amount of action to keep a young hunter interested and more often than not that young hunter will choose to pursue other game eventually. Squirrels are getting a break from hunters as more and more people are hunting deer and turkey or unfortunately not at all. I remember when opening day of squirrel season was almost like Christmas. I couldn't wait to walk the hardwood ridges and fencerows to hunt a few squirrels and it was as exciting to me then as any deer hunt could be. I have to admit that I do a lot more deer hunting these days but once I tag out or the deer season ends I like to grab my grandfathers old Stevens .22 rifle and hit the woods for a day of relaxation and an old school squirrel hunt.
There is nothing more relaxing than hunting squirrels the old school way. Open sights always makes it challenging and I like to use calls that my grandad or an old timer taught me back when folks actually had conversations about squirrel hunting like in the old barber shop on the square. Those were the days. Old school squirrel hunting to me is just a great way to spend a day in the woods and hopefully bring home enough squirrels for dinner.
I pack a thermos of hot coffee, a chunk of summer sausage, some crackers and a small bottle of hot sauce and water. These items have been a tradition of mine for many years now and is a nice treat during the middle of the day when the squirrels usually take a break and I've been known to doze off leaning against a giant oak high on a ridge top.
I really enjoy keeping it simple on these trips like my grandfather 60 years ago. It is a great way to remember those days when he was around while enjoying the very thing that made us so close. Using an old .22 rifle with open sights is just the beginning to an old school squirrel hunt. Here is a list of a few tricks my grandfather taught me about hunting squirrels back in the day and hopefully you can use them on an old school squirrel hunt of your own.

The two quarter call: This is a call that I always loved to use as a kid. There are other coin calls like tapping a penny on your gun stock rapidly to get a squirrel to respond by moving enough so you can locate them for a shot. The two quarter call is one that would really get a response and not just spook the squirrel into moving like the penny does. When you rub the two edges of a quarter together quickly the ridges make a sound like a chattering or barking squirrel. This oftentimes will actually make a squirrel leave his digging grounds, where it is hard to locate, and scurry up a tree and onto a branch to join in the chattering. They do this to help warn other squirrels in the area. With this chattering and usually the tail flicking you can easily locate and get a good shot on the squirrel.

Digging in the dirt: When I was a kid some old timer had mentioned this trick to the...

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