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Old Spice Essay

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When a company produces an advertisement, the main objective is to get a product to sell. Several different methods are used to attract the attention of the audience being targeted for the product. According to studies done at the Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria, advertising is, “a promotional strategy designed to encourage purchase, and ideally become an advocate of the brand, through brand loyalty” ( Old Spice, a leading company for men’s hygienic products, has created a line of men’s body wash that has a very sexually appealing and humorous advertising campaign. These advertisements are designed not only to get a product noticed by consumers, but to hide other brands of men’s body wash.
Many Old Spice commercials insinuate that by using their product, a man will become
similar to the Old Spice man, or in other words, the ultimate man. The Old Spice
advertisements capture the attention of men by reaching out to the needs of women, giving men the ideal image of what a man should be, how a man should smell, and by creating a sexual theme that attracts the attention of women.
In today’s society, a tremendously smart and effective way of selling a product designed
for men is to appeal to women. According to the website She-conomy, women account for
85% of all consumer purchases – especially purchases made because of a certain brand (Holland). Women have many thoughts and opinions on commercials that deal with men’s products. If women enjoy the commercials, they will be more willing to either buy the product themselves or influence the men they know to buy it. Another technique advertisements companies use is to appeal to woman through humor. The website marketing to Women Online states, “Humor in advertising appeals to both sexes, but is especially powerful with women” (Buchanan). Both the humor and the attractiveness of the advertisements validate that the producers know that women are an important audience. These advertisements present the ideal image of how a man should be and what he should look like. Using a good looking and fit man for an advertisement gives the product an image that all men want. There is no hidden message. The advertisements almost shout out the idea that if you use this product you can look, smell, and be exactly like the man you see on the advertisements.
The commercials also go after men emotionally by stating that they currently are not the man their woman expects them to be. The advertisement will...

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