Old Story In Today's Time Essay

1878 words - 8 pages

CAST (In order of appearance)

Maximus Capone: Jack Nicholson

Rosabella Lorentis: Claire Danes

Cynthia Capone: Michelle Pfeiffer

Procerus Capone: Haley Joel Osment


LOCATION/SETTING: Interior - Richly Decorated Bedroom with Mirror Ceiling



Titles rolling - Fading in from Black - Only sound of a woman screaming - Slowly we can see a mirror reflection of two people having violent sex - camera pans down from the reflection to them- cut to close - Introduction of lead characters - Maximus Capone [Jack Nicholson] and Cynthia Capone [Michelle Pfeiffer] - Cynthia stops and says "Now since we have eloped, promise me you'll love me forever" - Maximus replies "I love this what we have more than anything in this world."



LOCATION/SETTING: Interior - Colossal Living Room - Richly Decorated.

DAY/NIGHT: Late at Night


Long Fade in - Time lapse of five years established - Cynthia is sleeping on the couch - Maximus walks in screaming and swearing "I'm gonna kill that motherfucker, he doesn't know who he tried pulling the trigger at, I'm Maximus Capone, the Don of New York, I'm gonna kill him, rape his wife and daughter, erase all his fuckin existence from this motherfuckin planet." - Cynthia wakes up and asks him to calm down as their son, Procerus [Haley Joel Osment] is asleep- He has a bullet shot on his arm and is bleeding severely - she tells him that she is calling the doctor but he orders her to stop - she gets a medical kit and cries as she also fixes his wound - she tells him that she is unhappy with her loneliness and fears his death - she awaits him every night for dinner but it goes all in despair - She says she is sick of her life as she has no one to talk to even since they eloped from Florence to New York- Her life is becoming monotonous as he comes late and only makes love to her every night and falls asleep, she misses her sister, Rosabella Lorentis back in Florence who is also alone now after her father's death - She has only heard of her father's death and wants to know of her sister back in Florence. She makes a request to Maximus asking him to go to Florence in search of her sister and also because it would be a break from the dangerous life he leads in New York - CUT.


LOCATION/SETTING: Exterior - Airport



We establish with the location that Maximus has accepted Cynthia's proposal - He kisses her and promises to do his best to find Rosabella in Florence and exits frame.



LOCATION/SETTING: Various locations of Florence

DAY/NIGHT: Day and Night


Montages of Maximus looking for Rosabella Lorentis, 19 years of age with some documents and no pictures - we establish him having difficulties as he can't even describe her because he hasn't even seen her. - But he finds out through his mafia contacts of her drug addict friend, who in turn tells him...

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