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I was in school, in class and my eyes were drooping. I didn't know what to do. All night I was looking up for some kind of clue of who the guy was talking about or who he could be. I looked for anything similar to those letters, syllables and got nothing. I placed my head down on the desk hoping the teacher wouldn't bother me because I was the daughter of Hercule Satan.

I was half listening to what she was saying.

"And I'm sure you guys know that I'm retiring soon,…like tomorrow…"

Yea, whatever she knows that she got fired because of the budget cuts. "So you'll have a new teacher tomorrow. I think his name is Mr…" she started rummaging through some papers. "Ginah, Gohax, Gonah, Nohga…something like that I'm sure he'll tell you when he gets here tomorrow, but…excuse me, Ms. Videl, are you sleeping in my classroom?"

"No, I'm checking for holes in my eyelids," I said sluggishly. I could hear other people snicker in the background but I wasn't trying to be funny.

"Well, then I'll see you after school now won't I?"

"I don't know," a said suggering my bookbag over my shoulder, "that's a possibly," I said in the same monotone walking out the door as the bell rang.

"Four o' clock, Ms. Satan,"


"What's wrong with you, Videl?" Erasa asked, concerned.

"What you mean?" I asked, stupidly, "I was up all last night…" I didn't really want to tell Erasa why I was up or that I went for the position at the dojo, so I didn't.

"Oh, baby, you were thinking about me weren't you," Sharpner injected putting his arm around my shoulders.

"Don't lie," I said moving his arm off my shoulders, "or falter yourself."

All day continued with my terrible bad mood. I didn't know why I was in such a stupor to find out who this person was, but I was obsessive almost.

At the end of the day, Erasa was off saying she was going to go see what the guy was about.

"Yes, they said he's just going to be there for anybody who drops by to meet him. And because he also trains another class…advanced. Doesn't that just sound sexy?"

I gave her a look that screamed no but I decided to say it too.

"Whatever," she said waving her goodbye.

I would have gone with her but I had detention. I walked into the classroom and Mrs. Walker was cleaning up her desk.

"Ah, Videl, you finally showed up twenty minutes late, so you have forty-five minutes on the timer beginning now."

I sat quietly obliging by the teachers rules. I mean it is her last day might as well let her think people still respected her besides I was kind of rude to her today. I kind of deserved this cruel and unusual punishment. At least she didn't have me cleaning.

"Videl, I need you to clean all these desks, please…now,"

I only rolled my eyes at her.

"All of them?" I questioned as I got the rag from off her desk.

"Yea, all forty-five of them, might as well get some work...

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