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Old Testament Faith Essay

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An excellent example of faith in God in the Old Testament would be Abraham being tested by God. It starts in Genesis 22:1-19 and provides a resounding story of faith in God. After asking Abraham and Sarah to wait all those years and then miraculously giving them a son, God here asks Abraham to give Isaac back as a sacrifice. God had already shown Abraham that when his human reason disagreed with God’s reason, he could always trust God to be correct – and that’s a tough lesson for many people to understand. It would seem Abraham, if he cared to, could have argued from many positions that God had no logic reason to sacrifice Isaac. First, Isaac was the long-awaited fulfillment of God’s ...view middle of the document...

We can’t read the book of Job without feeling some need to grapple with that question. The issue is, at its most fundamental level, one of having faithfulness and believing God. Passage upon passage in the Old Testament tells us that we will never understand all God does. Our finite intellect must bow to God’s infinite understanding. Sin, at its base, involves believing and following our own understanding when it disagrees with God’s truth. God encourages people to question and search his will; he created us with the ability to do so. But if, at the end of our search, our reason is not satisfied, we must bow our heads at His feet, not shake our fists in his face. There is no ultimate answer to human suffering, unfortunately, but there is a greater understanding of it for those who read the Bible with a searching and humble mind. In the end, the story of Job can teach us five important things about faith in God through testing in the Old Testament: 1) It develops character. “The testing of your faith develops perseverance.” (James 1) If we remain true to God through the suffering process we will be “mature and complete, not lacking anything” (James 1:1-4) 2) To demonstrate the nature of our character. Job was God’s demonstration to Satan that there was a man who truly loved him and was righteous (Job 1:1-6). No matter what...

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