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Old Time Rock N' Roll Essay

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To be completely honest I have heard of most of the Rock n Roll bands but know nothing more than a couple of their songs. I did not know anything about what era they were during or where they began. I simply heard their songs and though I enjoyed their music I did not know their background. Their background helps to understand their music. I found a couple of Rock n’ Roll bands that interested me.
The Beatles were originally from Liverpool, England. When I first saw Liverpool, I was thinking about the town here in the United States right next to Alvin. George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr changed the expected course of music for their decade. Instead of following the already paved road, the Beatles insisted on creating their own pathway. On February 7th, 1964 they traveled to the United States. The Beatles had a persona to them in my opinion that made them mellow and loving people. The Beatles were exactly what American people needed after the assassination of their president John F. Kennedy. The fact that the Beatles set a record that has yet to be broken to this day is unbelievable and to think that they set the record in less than two months of them being in America.
Aerosmith was known as America’s band. Their journey began in Sunapee, New Hampshire and they competed with all the new incoming British bands and felt proudly about being an American band. Their goal was to leave a mark on Rock n’ Roll history and they successfully left a mark with many of their albums. Aerosmith dominated the Rock n’ Roll scene in the seventies. After dominating Rock n’ Roll in the seventies, Aerosmith’s success took a turn and they almost lost everything they had worked for due to substance abuse. I realize that this is not uncommon now days, but I feel that it is hard for me to comprehend that a group of people could risk their hard work and determination for drug use. Aerosmith was a small town play in the garage band, and for them to become a successful band had to of been extremely rewarding. For them to almost lose their success...

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