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Older Adult Assessment Essay

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Kristi lives in a large lake home with her husband. There are frequently family and friends that come to visit them in their home. The client has three children, 12 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. Her children and grandchildren visit on a frequent basis. Typically, they see family at least once a week. These visits usually involve family staying the weekend. This is a very family oriented group of people. The couple also stays with their children when they go into Fort Wayne for doctors’ visits. Everyone makes an effort to make sure that they are together often, so to maintain everyone’s feeling of closeness.
Facilitative Interaction among Members:
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Kristi realized that to better ensure her and her husband’s safety they need to invest in non-slip backing for the rugs throughout the home. There was discussion of things to install in the home when the move, which they plan to do in the next four to six months. There is a plan to install grab bars throughout potential problem areas of the new home. There is no clutter in the home. The furniture is placed in a way that makes mobility an easy task. There is no real concern for falls in conjunction to the home. The couple and their family will make a conscious effort to maintain the highest level of safety.
The client is on Lopressor for her hypertension. Kristi is aware that if she over or under medicates herself that this may cause side effects. Lopressor can cause hypotension. This may cause dizziness that could make it harder for her to move about her usual activities. The dizziness could also result in flaws, which is of great concern. This is something she is aware of and has had no problems with that medication thus far.
Improving Independence in the Home Environment: Assessment and Intervention
There are not very many areas in the home that are cause for concern. Although, every item that could help prevent injury was discussed and the importance of these were noted by the client. There was only one area of concern in the bathroom, which was the difficulty seeing at nighttime only. Kristi seemed interested in buying nightlights in order to make the transition from bed to the bathroom simpler. The same was planned for the bedroom, so that lighting would be appropriate. Kristi has invested money into slippers that have hard soles as to make her footing sure and prevent slipping. There was evidence for the need of need for nonskid strips for rugs throughout the home. The stairs require better lighting due to be in an enclosed hallway, which should be addressed and the carpet on the stairs is going to be nailed down soon. These problems are easy fixes that can help to maintain a safe home. These interventions are necessary because they can prevent falls and allow the elderly residents a sound mind that their home is s place.
Healthy People 2020 and Immunizations
The objectives of Healthy People 2020 apply to both preventative measures and long-term care settings. Kristi is not in a long-term care setting, so it is appropriate to emphasize her need for preventive care. She regularly goes to the doctor and does receive the routine medical exams that are necessary to maintain her health. If it was not for the mammogram she had done 2012, the new cancer in her right breast may not have been found. These measures are exceedingly important to help the geriatric population sustain the longevity in the healthiest state possible. There is an increased need in this country for those over 65 years of age to receive vaccinations for seasonal influenza, pneumonia, and shingles. The elderly should receive these immunizations on a routine basis....

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