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The Challenge of Getting a College Education

Whether someone is returning to college or has just completed high school, there are many factors to consider. What is the goal? Is it a vocation or a technology? Perhaps a degree, there is an Associates of Art or an Associates of Science, or a Bachelor’s of Arts or Science. Or even a Doctorate. This is the first question. This is just the beginning. Next, students have to consider is what amount of time they are willing to commit to an education or career goal. An education for a vocation or technology is usually a 12-18 month program. An AA or AS will take approximately two years if one is able to attend full time and a ...view middle of the document...

Education has changed. We must learn a new style of teaching. Retrain ourselves to listen to lecture and overwhelming workloads. It has been 34 years since I graduated high school, I remember the basics math was simply it only required addition, subtraction, multiplication and fraction and we were done. A+ ( ) = B. I would have better luck learning to speak Greek. I have taken Restaurant math now that was a struggle, writing out formulas’, costing out food and other products. Much of what I know for portions and creating reciping I just know I can give the answer, showing the work in a word problem almost impossible. Then there is this whole essay writing skill I missed this completely in high school. That feeling of failure is disheartening, when I feel I made decent strides on an assignment, but it is a complete fail, and I did not receive a passing grade. Returning for more is a tough challenge when you feel defeated. In addition to learning everything all over there is the computer age. Computers are a huge challenge most professors require most all home work to be done on a computer. Some older students have not been as active in the evolution of the computer. What is a flash? What is a black board? Much of the older student population does not have the computer skill of the generation. There are so many older students who are in their 40's, 50's and 60's just beginning their college career. Assignment done and posted on 'blackboard" this is one nightmare I have faced this, it is a multi-step process, and confusing as well, first post it on the turnit site to check for grammar, plagiarism, spelling, then make correction, submit it again and
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if your happy with the result submit to the professor via blackboard I was recently so confused I emailed my assignment to her knowing it had arrived in the time allotted to complete the assignment with no late penalty. The computer age as a whole is difficult, but for returning students, learning this new technology is a true challenge. It is not impossible to learn, however it does make the challenge that much greater. Older adults have to work diligently to reach their goals.
Another challenge which is a huge factor is time management for many reasons. The challenges older students face can be much different than that of younger students, especially if they have children. Many older students are...

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