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The Greater Philadelphia’s maritime roots remain; rapid globalization and technological advancements are driving an industry transformation that has affected the role that Delaware River ports play in the larger economic system. Realizing container terminal activity is very important to the transport chain. The focus should be on the channel performance, including the internal process.
The impact of the growing trends in maritime commerce of the oldest ports is essential in establishing appropriate policies and investment decisions. A study performed by the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation and the Development Research Group was to review the port activity on both ...view middle of the document...

The economic impact of port operations generates higher than average labor income and economic output per job. The region’s inability to overcome natural and market demands have resulted in a loss of global market shares. Each port worker supports an additional two jobs from the industry demand and the worker spends earnings in this region. Nevertheless, the region's job base is small, but earnings per worker has an income above the per capita income. Therefore, the monetary impact is important to the region's economy.
The older port maritime has often struggled to keep up with evolving maritime industry due to physical limitations of the port, which are shallow and cause for higher shipping cost. Another reason for the Philadelphia maritime struggles is due to the lack of container facilities. The projection of containerized and rationalization of trade is especially important in the high growth areas within the market. The Delaware River ports have failed to match the investment of other ports and is not considered a top-tier contain destination.
Changes in technology, consumption, and trade configurations have altered the environment of global maritime commerce. The containerization of freight has driven the load demand by exponentially. To increase efficiency, ship line businesses are adding larger ships to their fleet. By increasing the size of their fleet, ship lines can carry more containers at one time, which reduces the unit price of shipping cost. The ports have invested large sums into the enhancement of their ports. The enhancements include channel deepening to accommodate the larger vessel draft requirements.
Ports continually reevaluate the global trends and strategically position new facilities to facilitate capturing maritime business. The future planning of the Delaware River requirement will need to keep the pace with all their endeavors. Future planning, improvements, and expansions of the individual ports will affect the future volumes of maritime commerce in that region and the economic benefits the improvements generate.
The Maryland Port Administration of 2002 Strategic plan for the Port of Baltimore assessed the strengths and weaknesses of the port and established a plan of attack. The plan recognized the need for growth of three percent in containerization growth. In addition, the...

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