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Oliver And The Christmas Dinner Essay

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I stood their paralyzed, strangers wanted to make Christmas dinner with us and celebrate the holidays with us. I did not know what to say even though my parents have always taught me to be polite and thoughtful with people. This time, what my parents have taught me could not help me. I stood there for a few seconds and I felt my tongue and mouth incontrollable. “No thank you we don’t like to have people over for Christmas.” I stated. “Oh, we are sorry we ever bothered you this morning.” The family walked away with slumped shoulders, and I still stood there paralyzed. I felt guilty and so I closed the door quietly and I walked into the kitchen and started to pull out a few eggs and many ...view middle of the document...

“I wish I could just take that moment back and tell them yes, I wish my parents agreed to have them over for dinner with our relatives.”
Although, I knew that my parents would never agree. I kept thinking about this situation for a few minutes and I started to doze off until I was fast asleep. For some reason I dozed off for a long time without my parents waking me which they never do. They always wake me up eventually after I doze off especially after breakfast. Something was wrong. I leaped out of my bed and sprinted down stairs, I found what appeared to be two silhouettes of my father and my mother. Their bodies were lifeless near the kitchen. I knew in that instant they were dead. The silhouettes glided toward me and told me that they are not what I think they are. I pulled myself together and spoke up, “Well if you are not my father and mother, then who are you?” They looked at me and stared for a few seconds. “We are your mother and father but we are their true forms, we are the guardians of Christmas. We make sure everybody is kind...

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