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Oliver Cromwell A Hero Not A Villain

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Was Oliver Cromwell a hero or a villain?

I think Oliver Cromwell was a hero. He was good – hearted and ambitious, and he wanted England to be at it’s best with no corruption and unfair methods. He thought Charles was not doing the right thing, so he worked hard and got him executed.

Oliver Cromwell was a Member of Parliament (MP) and was against king Charles and his ways, so he worked hard and got the king executed. After that, he got offered the post of king, but he refused it, but was Lord Protector of the country. After some time, he dismissed parliament (because he thought they were getting selfish and greedy), and ruled on his own until he died of an infection on the 3rd of September 1658.

Lots of people thought of Cromwell as a hero because he got the king executed for his bad ways and got the country in a really good, wealthy position. He put things right. Cromwell was a hero.“ We need a person of great honesty and courage to clear the country of evil men making their riches from our poor starving and miserable countrymen. In other words, Oliver Cromwell”. The poor man’s guardian, 1831. These people were trying to show that Oliver Cromwell was perfect for the country. It is a newspaper so it would most probably be quite reliable. But you can never say because it is the ‘Poor Man’s Guardian’, and only focuses on the poor people’s views (whom Cromwell helped a lot). It does not state the views of wealthy people (whom Cromwell did not help too much). Oliver was a hero. He was brave rather than cruel, he did what he needed to and acted in god’s name when he killed lots in Drogheda. He did not mean to kill innocent people. He killed fewer than many are assuming. “It’s not fair to say he was like Hitler or Mussolini, he must be seen as a good leader as there was no attempt to stop people’s freedoms. Cromwell dreamt of a union of British nations and embraced the Jews.” Winston Churchill, 1956. You can trust this source as Churchill was in a high position and was responding to a harsh comment made by someone in the public. Cromwell was determined and strong-willed, as he fought for what he believed in when he helped to get King Charles executed. He thought what he was doing was right, and considered himself acting in god’s name.

Cromwell was a villain. He was a hypocrite. He executed Charles –...

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