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Write a well-organized Essay #1 of approximately 800 words How is the doctor/patient relationship reflected in the stories and poems of William Carlos Williams (or William Eric Williams), as well as the clinical tales by Oliver Sacks? Be sure to make some reference to at least five works in each of these volumes (ten works in total). For W.C. Williams, be sure to include at least one poem, and for Sacks, choose at least one work from each of the four sections of his book.
Since the beginning of time, the treatment of disease has contained a personal, customized touch. In prehistoric times, many physicians related the symptoms of the disease on demons and the patient’s personal life. Depending on the demon or god that was angered, the physician would go ahead and provide a customized remedy that alleviated the symptoms. (Underwood, 2017) Since then, there is a more analytical approach to accurately healing the ill. Even though the analytical approach is less personal now, William Carlos Williams and Oliver Sacks make their approaches and bedside manner personal.
Williams Carlos Williams was a physician during the Great Depression who had an affection for writing and poetry. Williams worked for poor people and committed his life to treating the working individuals of New Jersey. In this book, he details many of the people he has seen during his patient visits. In The Girl with the Pimply Face, Williams goes out of his way to provide help for a girl who was not his patient. He does so out of respect for her tenacity and willingness to fight to survive. Even though his peers tell him otherwise, he decides that she is worth saving. In The Use of Force, the doctor shows grace when dealing with a child who has diphtheria and doesn’t use force or get angry until she knocks his glasses off. The fact that he uses forces shows that he cares enough about this child’s life to give her temporary discomfort in exchange for a lifetime of health. He even goes so far as to say that he fell in love with the brat, which shows his compassion for his patients. This idea is extended in Williams’ poem The Poor, where he describes a school practitioner performing lice inspections. In the final lines of the poem he writes, “they grew used to him, and so/ at last, /took him for their friend and advisor”, meaning that families hated the school practitioner for being strict, but over time came to welcome his presence and advice. It has the same underlying theme in The Use of Force; doctors do what’s best for a patient in the long run, not in the present.
While it is important for a doctor to convey what needs to be done, it’s also important for a doctor to listen to the patient’s needs and symptoms. In Mind and Body, Williams essentially just listens to Ingrid, the woman he is treating. She has gone to many doctors but none of them have been able to find what’s wrong with her. Many of the details she divulges aren’t relevant to the state of her health. However, like a...

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