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Olivia Essay

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As future teacher, I need to be aware that my classroom will be filled with diverse learners. There will be students that need extra attention, accommodations, and modifications in the classroom to reach their academic goals by way of the collaboration of Special Education and general education teacher’s. There will be diverse learners with different issues to overcome that require a knowledgeable teacher who can assist the students to reach particular individualized goals because, as we know, everyone is different I want to be able to reach out and help every single one of my students and by taking courses about learning the needs of exceptional learners, such as Collaboration for Inclusive Schooling, I may learn how to work with and assist students with special needs and provide for them an opportunity to learn.
History and Models of Inclusion
Many physicians, educators, and advocates have helped pave the way for exceptional learners, also known as learning disabled, to receive a free and appropriate education. In the early 19th century, the first systematic attempts to assist and educate the “insane” or “idiotic” were made. Due to the lack of understanding the difference between those that are “insane” and those with disabilities, many were placed into asylums instead of receiving the correct services. With the idea of democracy and individual freedoms, political, medical, and educational authorities advocated for the learning disabled by providing them the necessary skills to become independent, productive citizens.
Physicians, such as Philippe Pinel, Jean-Marc-Gaspard Itard, and Edouard Seguin, laid the foundation for today’s understanding of exceptional learners. Though, at the time, it was considered revolutionary ideas, we find their considerations vital in the education of these students. These revolutionists came up with important ideas in relation to exceptional learners and receiving an equal educational opportunity with concepts such as individualized instruction, carefully sequenced series of educational tasks, an emphasis on stimulation and awakening of the child’s senses, meticulous arrangement of the child’s environment, immediate rewards for correct behavior, tutoring in functional skills, and the belief that every child should be educated to the greatest extent possible. All of these ideas are considered when devising an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for students with intellectual disabilities.
In the same era, Samuel Gridley Howe, a medical student and humanitarian at Harvard University, founded Perkins School for the Blind in Massachusetts and taught blind and deaf students, such as Laura Bridgman and Hellen Keller. Howe was also the force behind the organization of an experimental school for children with intellectual disabilities. Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, an American minister that tried to teach a deaf child, educated himself about these types of learners by visiting Europe, where many of these revolutionary ideas...

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