A Day That Will Never Be Forgotten

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I woke up from an afternoon nap to the smell of my mum’s cooking. Yay! My mum was back from work. My mum works as a banker and often comes back late, usually around the time I should be in bed so I was excited she was home early. I went into the kitchen, greeted my mum as is custom in my family, looked over at what she was cooking; she was boiling meat, making soup and rice, plenty enough to last for a whole week at least.
“Mum, is dad back from work yet?” I said while walking round the kitchen looking for what to stuff my mouth with for the moment,
“Yes, he should be in the room”, it is both their room and my mum always made sure she never personalized it as his or hers. I still do not know the reason for that
“Okay, thanks”,
“And tell him the food will be ready soon”, my mum shouted as I was already walking towards my parents’ room.
I went into the room, greeted my dad, talked a little about school and the things I did. We quickly ran out of things to talk about. There was always hardly anything to say to my dad, once school talk was over; every other conversation was pretty much done with too. I decided to stay with him in his room to watch TV waiting on dinner; my little brother who was four years old at the time later came to join us, he was probably tired of watching cartoons in the living room, or perhaps lonely. I’m guessing lonely.
Ten minutes later, my mother calls us for dinner. As a girl, culture demands that I go into the kitchen to help my mum with serving the food, I should also be helping her with the cooking but I was only eight, I was barely allowed into the kitchen. Anyway, I go into the kitchen, take the tray of food she has laid out for my dad to the dining table, and had to go back to my parents’ room to announce that food was ready to both my dad and brother. Mum dished out everyone’s food and put the rest into little containers and left them out to cool for a while.
Everyone got settled and ate in almost total silence; my brother always makes noise with his mouth when eating. Once we were done, we sat together in the living room to watch TV, suddenly,
”Get down on the floor now!” yelled the robbers who had just stormed into our house. We were caught by surprise and thought it was a joke at first; my mum even thought it was a scene on television since we were apparently watching a stage drama, she confessed this the next day when we were re-capping. But then we were brought back to reality when once again, we heard the unfamiliar yell. I saw my mum and dad get on the floor and knew I had to join them which was what I did but got up almost immediately thinking they couldn’t possibly be referring to the little 8-year-old girl too.
I was so scared and confused, I found myself pointing towards the bathroom when I thought I heard one of the three men ask “Where is your bathroom?”
I notice my dad whispering something to my mum on the floor but I can’t hear what he is saying. Somehow, in the midst of this madness,...

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