On And Off Task Behaviors Essay

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Students who frequently engage in off-task and inappropriate behavior disrupt the classroom and hinder learning for other students (Riley, et.al, 2011). In order to reduce off-task behaviors exhibited by a particular student, it is crucial to determine the function of the behavior by conducting a functional behavioral assessment (FBA). Once the cause of the behavior is found, teachers can take steps to reduce the inappropriate behavior by implanting strategies to decrease their occurrence.
This article examined the effectiveness of fixed-time delivery of teacher attention to increase on-task behavior of 2 students in a general education classroom. During the baseline phase, teacher attention was given in the normal manner and no changes were made. During the treatment phases of the study, teacher attention was provided to these students on a 5-minute fixed-time schedule. Between intervals, the teacher behaved in her typical manner. The results of the study indicated that a fixed-time schedule of teacher attention was effective in decreasing student’s off-task and disruptive behavior, while increasing student’s on-task behavior (Riley, et.al, 2011). Both students’ had increases in the percentage of time engaged in on-task behavior, and a compatible decrease in off-task and disruptive behavior.
Fixed-time attention delivery is something that every teacher can easily implement without a significant amount of time or cost. Some students misbehave because they are trying to obtain teacher attention. Surprisingly, many students who crave adult attention don't really care if it is positive (praise) or negative attention (reprimands), they just want attention (Riley, et.al, 2011). Unfortunately, teachers with student who thrive on teacher attention can fall into a vicious cycle. First, the student misbehaves. Then, the teacher approaches the student and reprimands them for misbehaving. Because the student views this reprimand as...

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