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On Art Of Movie Posters Content: Comparison Of Two Movie Posters Thesis: Identity Of Motives And Diversity Of Expressive Techniques Make Up The Art Of Movie Posters.

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On Art of Movie PostersA movie poster, being one kind of advertisement, is mainly serving the needs of the moviemakers, whose ultimate purpose was to popularize the movie and thus make more profits. To make a successful movie poster, designers have to really give much thought to it. The two posters here, one for the movie "You've Got Mail" and the other for the movie "Sword Fish", can to a great extent show the art of designing a movie poster and how it works efficiently as expected. The "You've Got Mail" poster resembles that of the second one in several ways.Firstly, not only the "You've Got Mail" poster but also the other one provides a special feeling associated with the story and resonates among people. However, while the two stories are both built upon the internet and computers, the two posters differ from each other a lot. In the first poster--that of "You've Got Mail", the whole atmosphere is relaxing and pleasant with the smiling faces of the main actor and the main actress appearing in the upper side, and the sweet embracement of the happy lovers standing on a huge keyboard with a dog biting the man's coattail. We will have an unconscious impulse to join in and feel like sharing the happiness and enjoyment of the persons inside the story. On the contrary, the second one gives us a completely different feeling with darker and gloomier visual effect. The scene makes us feel mysterious. Computers, wires, the word "SWORD FISH" and "PASSWORD ACCEPTED" on the screen of the central computer all help inspire our curiosity about the movie: what does the code "Sword Fish" mean? What is the password? And this curiosity and willingness to take adventures together with our heroes also lead more people to watch this film. So, although the ways of advertising movies are different, the two posters established settings based on their own story...

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