On Bartering Our Way To Eternity

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On Bartering Our Way to EternityBeing mindful of one's citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven is critical for one to begin valuing the currencies that matter more there. The mortal world indeed gives preference to worldly currencies such as position and stature, reputation and credits, money, property, power, and so on. Thus the worldly "I shall scratch your back if you scratch mine" barter system operates on the basis of who has how much of these worldly currencies. Thus, the weaker and poorer sections of society who may have nothing much in the form of these worldly currencies (except probably a vote - and that too if they manage to get included within the system) appears to be at a disadvantage. And hence, they end up being summarily ignored, or at best, treated with disdain for most of their mortal lives.Having said the above, man's greater realization of his higher calling would bring to the table additional currencies such as selfless deeds, love, sharing, equality and justice for all, and so on. It is in this context that all of mankind (and hence, each person, regardless of whether he is Orthodox or Jacobite, American or Iranian or Israelite or Palestinian, Hindu or Muslim or Christian, rich or poor, powerful or devoid of power, etc) becomes a true ally. Pretensions then get set aside and genuineness come to the fore while dealing with each such ally within mankind. It is in such a frame of mind that one could consider oneself truly spiritual and hence, a true member of the Kingdom of Heaven. After all, there is only one Heaven for one and all, be he from whatever background!Anyway, in a world of unequals, the above paragraphs are by no means meant to suggest the establishment of a one-world-order on this planet. But it is primarily meant to encourage mankind to start utilizing these unused 'elements' (such as selflessness, restraint, and Love etc.) of the heavenly currencies while bartering, and asserting influence,...

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