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"On Boy Trouble" Essay In the essay, "On Boy Trouble" by Margaret Wente, many points were introduced to the readers. Margaret Wente lures the readers to her article by using an opening sentence such as "They are tormented by unattainable ideals," (pg. 427). Wente attracts the readers by exercising her writing abilities and using effective and efficient words and phrases. Also, the use of allusions are very effective. Margaret Wente's charismatic style of writing is very helpful to the readers in a way that differs from most other writers. With Wente's style of writing, the reader does not get bored or sidetracked while reading her craftsmanship. Margaret Wente opens up about her research on the male society. She proves a somewhat non-biassed point about what type of torture and anguish most adolescent males go through in order to "fit in". Wente expresses her points in a very effective manner by issuing facts, and examples, that seduces the reader into reading more. This is a magnificent piece of writing and is easy to read. One who is not very eager to pick up a highly intellectual piece of writing because of being in fear of becoming lost or confused while reading, should not worry about this piece. Wente does not use too many "big" words in her essay, but does include some very effective ones. The article, "On Boy Trouble" by Margaret Wente is a highly educational piece of writing, that tests the brain power of the reader, but does not stress it.Firstly, Wente's use of effective words are one forceful way to attract the reader. Margaret Wente used such words as "psychological debilities", "victims du jour", "excruciating", and "an orgy of introspection". These words contribute to the success of her article. When a reader sees these types of words, they are immediately attracted to the piece and feel that the writer is highly intellectual. Words like "psychological debilities" are two highly intelligent words that would normally only be used by master scholar's, or a philosopher of some sort. Words like these contribute to the effectiveness of the writing piece and it almost dares the reader to read further. In addition, a high vocabulary is very necessary for the author to possess in order to have an effective essay. The author's choice of words, or diction, is a great way to get a point across to the readers, or the viewers. If a writer wrote an article at a grade 5 level, the readers would most likely lose interest fairly quickly. The more intellectual the writer seems, the more the readers will trust the writer, and listen to the writer, and understand the writer.Secondly, Wente's charismatic style of writing keeps the reader involved in the article. Wente's sense of knowledge and understanding about what a typical adolescent male goes through is simply amazing. The way the writer informs the reader of this topic is astounding. The way she states her...

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