Online Shopping Is A Great Way To Purchase Goods And Services

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In our technologically savvy world, it can be said that the internet conquers the social and economic status of every country and its individuals. In this exciting point of time, online shopping is not an uncommon term used. Online shopping is described as the process of purchasing products and services from merchants worldwide over the internet (WiseGEEK, n.d.). Online shopping is also sometimes referred to as e-commerce in the business world. Online shopping is so revolutionary, that it has single-handedly changed the entire norms of a society. Where once, we used to go to town or a shopping centre to get what we need, now the convenience of getting something is a few clicks away. We are even able to order food online and get it delivered to the doorstep without even needing to step out of the comforts of home (Nickson, C., 2013).

Online shopping has become a huge force in the industry for the past decade. Online shopping was pioneered by around the year 1999-2000., founded by Jeff Bezos was the first online bookstore. Following the success of, many other websites started offering online platforms to purchase other goods alongside books (TNN, 2006). The number of people who shop online has been steadily increasing year by year, mostly due to the convenience of shopping from home. According to Nickson, C. (2013) it was estimated that the European e-commerce market was worth 200 billion pounds as of 2011. In 2013, online sales increased by 1.4% in December compared to November and 14% from 2012 (Associated Press, 2014). The rise in online shopping is clearly justified as one can purchase more than just goods online. They can also purchase services like broking and job searching. People can also purchase tickets for concerts, movies and travelling such as plane tickets and rail tickets through online merchants. Moreover, when we are shopping online, payments can be made with credit cards, online bank transfers and various other methods as offered by the merchants (TNN, 2006).

With the increasing number of online shoppers as opposed to brink and mortar store shoppers, it is unavoidable for problems and complications to look at. Just as most people accept the revolution of e-commerce as a part of daily life, there are some others who are sceptical. Most of the non-supporters of online shopping claim that they find it uncomfortable to transfer their credit card information over the internet, over the fear of personal information theft and credit card fraudulence. While these concerns do cause murmurs and threat in the e-commerce market, there are also those who argue that online shopping is a great advantage due to the convenience it provides and monetary benefits they receive from it. (WiseGEEK, n.d.)

In consideration of this controversy and embroilment, both supporters and adversaries of online shopping have raised a number of claims, each with their own arguments to protect their stand. Taking into...

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