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Online TradingThe industry chosen for our project is the online trading business. Our analysis will focus on the following three web sites: TD Waterhouse & Ameritrade, E*Trade Financial, and TradeStation Securities.TDAmeritradeThe home page for TD Ameritrade is minimal and simplistic. The webpage has a caption on that reads, "TD Ameritrade ranked #1 Online Broker, Barron's." The quote must inspire people to invest on their own through online services, but it comes across a bit trite. Along on section for clients to input a user ID / Account number and password is available. Approximately one year ago TD Waterhouse and Ameritrade merged to become TD Ameritrade and are now using one site to support all users. Navigating the pages is easy through tabs at the top which include; Portfolios & Accounts, Trade, Research & Ideas, Trading Tools, Planning & Retirement, and Client Services. The sub-tabs on the home page allow users to find out more about TD Ameritrade, open an account, pricing, account types, ways to fund, FAQs, and Apex. Three large sections in the middle of the page link the user to more information on getting up to $300 with a new account, view competitive CD rates, and information on transferring from another broker to TD Ameritrade. The website contains a graphic representation of the stock market and five minute delay quotes on the DJIA, NASDAQ, and S&P 500 indexes provided by Reuters. Towards the bottom, users can enter their zip code to locate the nearest branch (tdameritrade, 2007) feels as if the website is designed for users who are already familiar with online trading and investment options. The look is sleek and sophisticated with easy to find navigation links.E*Trade FinancialThe E*Trade Financial home page has a nice layout and is easy to peruse. The first attention grabber is the advertisement to open an E*Trade account with a sentence that says "It's Banking on Steroids" and another advertisement that says "Pure Trading Power." The middle of the web page an announcement opens up with "A $2.5 Billion Vote of Confidence," E*Trade Financial announces a strategic transaction with one of the worlds leading investment firms. At the very top of the page is a search engine for both quotes and general information on the site. A section for users to enter their ID and password and log on securely is also available. Several tabs at the top left of the page allow consumers to navigate through Trading & Portfolios; Tools & Research; Quotes & Research; Mutual Funds, ETFs & Bonds; Retirement & Advise; Banking & Credit Cards; Mortgage & Home Equity Loans; and Pricing & Rates.E*Trade's home page allows users to open accounts, view products and services, access forms and applications, learn about corporate services, and contact the company through email. Quick links allows the person to navigate and get more information on trading, investing, banking, and home finance. An...

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