On October 13, 1853, Lillie Langtry Was Born To

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On October 13, 1853, Lillie Langtry was born to the Reverend William Corbet le Breton. Emilie, her real name, had six brothers and all lived in the countryside of Jersey. Being raised with all boys, Lillie could not help but be a tomboy who ran through the forest and played pranks on others, hence the nickname Lillie. As time passed on, Lillie transformed into a beautiful, intelligent and humorous young lady. "¡°In her early teens, she was acknowledged as the most beautiful girl on the Island of Jersey¡± (www.lillielangtry.com/Jersey%201853.htm). She was named a ¡°professional beauty¡± which was a term to describe a woman whose fame was due to her face and figure. Men and women envied and admired her because of her overwhelming beauty and fame, as one of the world¡¯s first women millionaires and one of the most photographed women in the world. In 1874, Lillie wed Edward Langtry who was a quite wealthy man. Her life¡¯s dream was to spend the rest of her life in London. However, soon after the marriage Lillie was diagnosed with typhoid fever and became severely ill. During her struggle, her doctor became very close to Lillie. He knew of her dreams to go to London and convinced her husband Edward that taking her to London would help her recover from this illness. Lillie¡¯s dreams and fulfillment¡¯s would soon be met. Soon after her arrival in London in the year of 1876, Lillie began to achieve her ambition. In mourning from her brother¡¯s death, her father¡¯s friend The 7th Viscount Ranelagh invited her to a party at his home in Lownes Square. Being invited to such a formal place, Lillie was dumbfounded on what one wears to these events. ¡°She wore a simple black figure hugging dress which complemented her pale complexion. She was a contrast to other ladies present, in their beautifully tailored and colorful evening gowns¡± (www.lillielagtry.com/London.htm). It was not just her pure and initial beauty that caught everyone¡¯s attention, but the guests were shocked of her intelligence and outspoken personality. She was persuasive and one step ahead of everyone else. Two artists, Everett Millais and Frank Miles started sketching her to catch the moment in time when they first saw the beautiful Lillie Langtry. The drawing that was sketched of her at the dinner party by Miles and Millais sold out all the other pictures of theatre beauties and throughout all of London. Postcards were made of her and crowds of people gathered to purchase the first copy. Her beauty took the world by storm allowing her success to skyrocket. Lillie¡¯s rise of fame and popularity grew throughout society. She was receiving invitations to parties from artist so they could sketch her fondness. As for her husband on the other hand, he had a different view, Edward forbade Lillie to go to any of...

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