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On Or Off Campus? Essay

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Upcoming college freshman face a multitude of different and challenging decisions during their senior year of high school including deciding whether to live on campus or off campus. Each choice presents its own positives and negatives. The choice does not come easy because every student will have his or her own opinion of what is important. Both living on campus or off campus have their advantages and disadvantages but on campus living can be more beneficial in the end. In order to make the correct choice of living on or off campus all factors must be considered including costs and personal preferences. Primarily the cost of tuition must first be considered then housing must be added into the total cost. According to the average tuition for a public four-year in state university for the 2013-2014 year was 8,993 while the average housing cost was 9,498 which totals 18,391 for both. It is important that the student research not only the total cost of their decision but additional fees such as books and other personal expenses such as commuting. Books average 1,200 per semester ( Scholarships must also be accounted for so that a student may choose a higher priced university but can afford it with their scholarships and grants. “Scholarships and grants are often called “gift aid” because they are free money- financial aid that doesn’t have to be repaid” ( Options must be weighed equally to determine which positives and negatives are more important. Research should be done into the universities of choice to help determine the student’s options and what is actually important to them in the long run. Living on campus can present many options and new opportunities that can be beneficial to a student. “Students who live in the residence halls vs. commuting to campus do better academically and also are more likely to remain enrolled” ( According to Kent State University the average term G.P.A. for freshman on campus was 3.01 while off campus students were at a 2.84. On campus living can provide a better sense of accessibility to facilities and services that the campus provides to its students. Campus housing provides a student with all the necessary equipment and services such as TV, laundry services, Internet, dining, library access, and computer access. In addition, campus safety and security services are also services that are provided by universities to keep students safe from crime and medical emergencies.
Staying on campus can also provide an easier means for a student to develop a social life. Campus events are posted everywhere around campus making it easier to become involved. The student has many opportunities to meet new people and make new friends for an increase in social life. Living on campus in a dormitory allows a student to always have people to hang out with and always have activities to do on campus. Furthermore, the student is given a stronger sense of...

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