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On Self Restraint : The Dilemma In An Individual While Making Choices And The Ways To Resolve Them University Of Chittagong / Hons. 3rd Year Essay

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On Self-restraint
Living on earth is no less than dealing with self-restraint and denial of desires since human being, from the time immemorial, is a vast ocean of desires, within a very tiny life. Even through one has to put that ocean of desires at bays into this tiny life. While life is short, desires are long,broad,high and sky-touching. Now being entangled and jampacked with all these stuffs, what can an individual do despite internal turmoils ?
What an individual can stick to to sustain order in life as well as fulfilling desires is making priority list. It's just like presenting arguments in any debate. Where one has to present more significant ideas or arguments in the hierarchy unless his side loses the scope to take the upper hand in the House. Like a good debater prioritizes the ideas, an individual has to set hierarchy of desires, i.e., which one is more important and more worthy of taking focus of the moment than others.
To delve into the problems of internal conflicts and confusions it is urgent to understand one's own values and demands at first. Since temporary tranquillity in mind and sustainable satisfaction outside often oppose each other, to ensure the best good in an individual life one has to harmonize between desires and actions. So, how can an individual set this harmony when he may have a number of desires?
In order to bring unison of desires and deeds, one may enlist and specify all his desires, as indefinite problems can deserve and demand no definite solutions. For instance, one may have the desires to participate in a number of events like MUN conferences, debating competitions, idea contests or anything else; again, he has the necessity to fulfil some responsibilities to academy, to family and to society as well. In order to balance between the needs from external world and the desires in internal world, one needs to understand the best utilities and priorities among them and choose the task to do accordingly. While performing...

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