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On The Battlefield With Good And Evil

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As a kid I always loved going to the movies and seeing Spiderman, Batman, or Superman kicking the bad guys’ butts’ on the big screen. It seems movies these days always have the same overarching theme though good vs. evil. Even those super girly princess movies have aspects of good and evil. Take The Little Mermaid, for example, there is the protagonist, Ariel, and the antagonist, Ursula, and just like in all of the other movies, the good guy always wins. Although, the theme of good vs. evil is not only found in movies; it can also be found in history, literature, and day-to-day lives. Though the battle between good and evil manifests itself in many types of literary work, good ...view middle of the document...

Although this was a terrible act of evil against our country, it also brought our country together as one united nation under God. In an online newspaper, reporter named Dennis Edwards he explains that “We as a nation of all races came together to comfort, console and cry together” (Edwards). In spite of this heinous crime, the battle between good and evil fought on, and the good clearly came out on top. Lastly, this is only one terrible example of the struggle of good and evil powers, and one of the many examples where the good power had come on top, despite the terrible damage that the evil side created.
Good and evil can manifests in your personal life, as well. For example, almost every day of my life, I am forced to face the big evil monster named procrastination. And I know what you are thinking, yes. It is just as scary and as terrible as it sounds, and it is of course the evil that I find in my day- to day life. Every evening when I get home from school, I can hear it growling from deep inside the endless...

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