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Tori MeltonCrowder10th Lit/Cmp Gft.2 August, 2011Often times when reading a story, the reader just gets the story on the page; for instance, a trip to the store or the process of finding a new dog. Well what if there was more behind the story on the page. What if the trip to the store was actually a quest? In How to Read Literature Like a Professor, Foster says "the quest consists of five things: (a) a quester, (b) a place to go, (c) a stated reason to go there, (d) challenges and trials en route, and (e) a real reason to go there" (3). In some cases, there may not be a quest. A drive to work with no adventure, danger, or change, is not a quest. But, in My Sister's Keeper, the entire story ...view middle of the document...

Just so you know: shame is five-fingered." (Picoult 54). The whole situation is not only laying heavy on Sara, Kate, and Anna, but the entire family. Jesse, Anna's brother, has not always been a part of the family, but the whole situation puts him over the edge. "It would save a thousand problems if I rolled the Jeep over an embankment. It's not like I haven't thought about it, you know. On my license, it says I'm an organ donor, but the truth is I'd consider being an organ martyr. I'm sure I'm worth a lot more dead than alive- the sum of the parts equals more than the whole. I wonder who might wind up walking around with my liver, my lungs, even my eyeballs" (Picoult 94). Anna finds a way to get away from the family but is scared of going back home "because my mother's gonna kill me" (Picoult 113). The challenges en route lead people to almost committing suicide, development of a fear of her own family, and even people getting slapped. The family was being torn apart.Foster says, "the real reason for a quest never involves the stated reason" (3). When in court, Anna...

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