On The Border Essay

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On the Border

Every year more than ten million immigrate to the United States from Mexico , most with the hope of achieving a better life. As more and more Mexicans settle into the U.S. the concern for our nation’s safety is questioned. Debate has been brought on if the U.S. government should build a wall on the U.S. - Mexican border. Despite the belief that a wall could help with the heavy drug trafficking brought into the U.S. and with the United States immigration issue, a wall should not be built because it would not be effective nor would it be promoting peace through the U.S. and Mexico.

On a poll taken 51% of people wanted a wall built on the Mexican border (Fox News). In 1994, ...view middle of the document...

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger also looks at the point of people building tunnels “left and right that people can drive trucks through” (Schwarzenegger). Of those tunnels, most are drug tunnels used to convey drugs into the U.S. Building a wall is not a solution for underground problems and offers no security against them. All in all, a wall would not just be ineffective, but would absolutely be nothing to people desperate to get over it.

Many people allude a wall on the border to the Berlin wall, in Germany. Many Mexicans feel the wall insolent to them, because of their contribute to the U.S. economy (Stevenson). It is simply a slap to the face to any Mexicans living in the U.S. Especially those who have family in Mexico, it can cause rifts, not only between families but also the two governments. Former Mexican President Vicente urges building peace together for a future for a better region (Ulloa). Working together to better the dangerous areas by the border could significantly do more than a symbol that displeases unity among the two countries. Building a wall adds to history's events of separating what's supposed to be together. The U.S. building a wall would not...

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