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On The Issues Essay

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In this paper we will discuss the VA’s governor candidates point on three major issues. The three issues are Gun Rights & Health Care & Drug Reform and my opinion on each of the issues.
Mr. Ken Cuccinelli, he believes in gun rights he said he was a gun owner and will fight for our rights as governor. AsA state senator, Ken voted to preserve Virginians’ right to self--‐defense and prevent seizure or confiscation of firearms by the government. Cuccinelli, Ken ( ).
Mr. Terry McAuliffe, he does not want Guns in Virginia, He has been given an F buy the NRA. McAuliffe, Terry ( He does not believe that teachers should be armed but they need to improve the security of schools all over Virginia and improve how kids get to school and go to their homes and be safe on the way there.
Mr. Robert Sarvis, he believes in our gun rights and the second amendment. He said past restrictions on guns have not helped but just harm the people who use guns the proper way. He has stated that the problem is more on the drug side he thinks if we take out the gangs and drug operations that the violence where people use guns will stop and we will not need to ban guns but we have to stop all gangs and drug lords to do so that way we will not punish the people who use guns in the right way for as sport hunting or defines in the state of Virginia to keep our people safe. It would be unfair if we ban guns all completely in the state of Virginia.
I think we need to keep our guns, but keep all guns out of the people’s hands who should not have them. If you are a hunter and use guns properly then that is ok, but if a person is unsafe or crazy and don’t respect how to use a gun then they don’t need to be using a gun. People that use a gun for the right reasons they should not be punished for people who use them the way they should not be used. I think if someone’s life is being put into jeopardy by another person, then that person has the right to defend themselves. People who just kill other people should not have guns, they they should take guns away from gangs and the guns away from the mafia, do not punish other people who use guns the way they are supposed to be used. Guns don’t kill people, People kill people.
Mr. Cuccinelli, believes in health care and wants to make it better by providing better facilities and provide better workers for Virginia. He wants to try to save us money and give us more benefits so that we can afford what we need to have to be took care of. He thinks that doctors and families should decide what they should do and not buy the government. He says that we do not have much of a market in health care because of the government tries to control and decides what to do with what the patient can have or van not have.
Mr. McAuliffe, he wants to...

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