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On The Edge: A Battle For Power

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J.R.R. Tolkien, an English poet, academic, and philologist, taught at the University of Oxford. Tolkien, likewise a modern author of his era, explored social and political ideas in his writings, like The Hobbit. In it Tolkien explores the Nazi party and its adversaries, tying in his own WWII experience, as a British Soldier into a novel. A novel on one of the World’s toughest and longest battles; the clash of light and darkness for power, domination, and richness which affects our everyday life.

Light and darkness endure in a constant conflict for power. When Thorin and Co. make their way over the misty mountains after having received nourishment and rest from Elrond. ...view middle of the document...

Gandalf led the dwarves with his wand, whose pallid light offers hope to the dwarves during their escape from the goblin tunnels.

After the dwarves get out of the abominable goblin tunnels, across the shadow of the Misty mountains and get resupplied by Beorn, they find themselves face on with the treacherous forest of Mirkwood where light does not always prevail against darkness:”The entrance was like a sort of arch leading into a gloomy tunnel.” The dwarves reluctantly make their way into the forest on the wood-elves’ road and soon journeyed farther and farther into the hands of evil:”Soon the light at the gate was like a little bright hole far behind.” It did not become long before even the dwarves started hating the forest and the dark:”Occasionally a slender beam of sun that had the luck to slip in through some opening in the leaves far above … stabbed down thin and bright before them.” During their journey, Mirkwood, the most dangerous part of their quest, makes the dwarves journey into the unknown, leaving behind the light of hope, and going into the darkness filled with despair.

Human and mythological creatures have an urge for greed and wealth and will go to great measures to acquire it or to reacquire what they have lost. When the dwarves get out of Mirkwood and receive aid from Lake-Town, they head up to the Lonely Mountain. There they luckily find the secret door and have the last ray of sun sneak past a cloud and shine upon the secret door’s keyhole. The dwarves then send Bilbo down through the secret entrance and Bilbo disappears into...

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