On The Farm Essay

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On the Farm
Introduction (Explain drought and flood, relate to too much and too little rain)
Too much and too little rain can both be detrimental to an ecosystem’s overall health.
Drought (Effects, Types, Anecdotes)
Droughts are harmful to the environment by little or no precipitation happening during the period of the drought. The reason why this is damaging to the plants is because plants (and for that matter, all living things) require water to survive, so a lack of water could cause a mass amount of plants and animals to die. The lack of water can also cause dust storms by having no plants to hold the soil in place. This is what transpired in the 1930’s during the Dust Bowl, because the farmers during this period failed to let the native plants grow. The native plants could’ve held the soil in place if the farmers had let them grow. The chief varieties of droughts are meteorological, hydrological, and agricultural. A meteorological drought is ...view middle of the document...

On the matter of the drought, Mahan states “As ironic as it is, it dried up too much, which you wouldn’t think would’ve done after all that rain. It got really dry, and the crops started stressing in such a short amount of time.” Nick Carter, a Fayette County agriculture and natural resources agent, believes that “It’s still up in the air what we’re going to see” and that It all depends on timely rain.” Nevertheless, he has no doubt that “If we can stay in this weather pattern where we get rain every week or so, we could be on track to have a really good crop.”
Floods (Effects, Types, Anecdotes)
Floods are disadvantageous to the environment by too much precipitation occurring during a short period of time. The reason why this is harmful is because the plants cannot soak up all of the water and the water begins to spread out across the area. The water can also infiltrate homes and destroy things in its path. It can also shorten the amount of time to plant the seeds by making the soil too soggy. Coastal, river, and urban flooding are the main types of flooding. River flooding is the most common of these, which is when rivers or other aquatic areas overflow onto the areas surrounding them. Coastal flooding occurs near the ocean, where a hurricane, tropical storm, or tidal wave take place, pushing ocean water into coastal areas. Urban flooding is the kind of flooding that occurs when there is paved road all around the flooded area and little or no plants to absorb the water. Jason Elliott, of Louisville, Kentucky, faced the problem of too much rain in June. Some of his burley tobacco failed due to the surplus of rain that month. He estimates that he lost a quarter of his tobacco following the rains of June. The coming weeks gave him no consolation, either, as the rain continued with no dry weather reported. Elliott stated of his tobacco “It’s just got a real pale color to it. It doesn’t have the good green tobacco color that it should have.” Bob Pearce, a University of Kentucky burley extension specialist, indicated that 60-80% of burley tobacco was affected by the excess rain, mostly in south-central Kentucky. Pearce also says that the rain could cut the overall yield of burley tobacco by up to 25%.
Compare & Contrast (Causes?)

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