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On The Island Essay

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On the Island by Tracey Garvis Graves is a remarkable romance novel that keeps you on your feet. There is much more to look forward to than the cliché “stranded on an island” novel idea. The most unique characteristic about this book is the multiple points of view layout that it consists; a challenging concept to achieve but exceeds beyond all expectations.
Multiple points of view in a story appear to be a complicated and confusing concept to create, let alone for the readers to follow, understand, and enjoy. Writing from many points of view means writing from multiple characters’ viewpoints. Viewpoints are what a specific character is thinking, doing, and saying; thus making it difficult ...view middle of the document...

Although some authors struggle to make it simple for readers to understand the story with different points of view, when they are used correctly and are clearly demonstrated, it can enhance a story in countless ways.
In On the Island, each chapter alternates between two main characters, Anna Emerson and T.J. Callahan. I feel as though we constantly switch between Anna and T.J. that it immediately causes a strong attraction where you simply can’t put it down. Though there are some crucial reasons why having different points of view cannot work, there are also reasons how it can, and this novel is a prime example. Because there are only two main characters, and essentially the entire story consists of them being together for years at a time, it’s very powerful getting to sit inside the heads of both characters. Instead of understanding what one character is thinking, the reader gets to see the story from both angles. This allows the reader to make a connection with whichever character they wish, if not both of them. In my experience, many first person narratives only allow you to understand what only one character is thinking and doing. From an outsider’s point of view, you can solely form an emotional relationship with that one character, because that is your main option of connection. Meanwhile there might be other characters in the story that the reader doesn’t fully understand, forming personal opinions about them that may or may not exist, if you saw the story from their point of view.
Getting to see equally into the two characters’ heads, promotes the reader to grasp a bond onto whomever they wish. Anna is a very logical and respectable character, and perhaps may attract to other thirty year-old women who read this story. She can be very easy to relate to as a female reader...

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